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Create wealth through property investment

Shail's understanding of the real estate market, mortgage brokering, decoding trends and in-depth incisive research is the vast knowledge bank at your service. Let us assist you to create wealth by investing in carefully and strategically handpicked properties across Australia.

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Success Stories

Success Stories

Arjun Desai

Today, Desai is the proud owner of an investment property has his heart, thanks to Shail’s pertinent research and expertise.

"As a first-time investor, property prices in Sydney and Melbourne are very expensive. Out of reach for first timers, but the good thing with Shail is that he puts your property needs out nationally and gives us options to find something within the budget. As a steppingstone to getting into the property market, it was a personalised experience.

Where he came to my house, when I was free, and being able to spend time on this, the process was easy and personalised. I didn’t have to go running after somebody chasing them to know, hey I want this. You came and helped me, and if I had any questions, you were always there to help me out. 

It was a very pleasurable experience. I would without hesitation recommend you as it was such an easy transaction – you guys helped me out day in and day out, you told me all the steps to being a proud owner today."

Arjun Desai Client Testimonial

Sanjay and Kalashree

Sanjay and Kalashree were looking for a first-time investment property but with budget constraints. 
Shail researched and scoured through diverse knowledge banks to find a property that was suitable to us.

"I was looking for a home, and I soon found that I would not be able to buy a home in Sydney… as the prices were exorbitant. That was when Shail helped us understand the intricacies of buying a home. "

"After buying the first property, I am confident. Shail is very helpful. I can say with confidence that with Shail, you don’t have to worry about anything. Everyone has these (diverse sets of) questions, and it’s not worth doing your own research, yet still have many unanswered questions. Mr Wadhwa gave us an insight on how to save on money and helped us make our minds up. "

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Mayur Panchal


Shail Wadhwa was truly exceptional. He was referred by my friend. I was impressed with his level of knowledge about the market. Since I was determined to buy my first investment property, working with him seemed like the right choice, and I'm glad I did.

The delivery of the information was straightforward: present the info and talk about pros/cons/strategy for moving forward. He really treats the situation like He is purchasing the property – He looks out for you and have your best interests in mind.

Shail is also very well versed at dealing with other real estate agents. When we found investment property, other real estate asked us to bid online as there were already few offers on it. Shail called the other real estate and explained my position which I believe was helpful to make their decision. We got that property even we were second highest in the bid.

Shail was patient and worked through some tough situations. His cool, calm mindset kept my anxiety low and gave me the confidence he would get the job done – and he did!

When I am looking to buy again, I will not hesitate to call Shail.

April 2024

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